An experienced digital team at your fingertips.

For less than 20% of the cost of hiring a single employee permanently.

Trusted by brilliant Australian brands

Client: Victorian State Government - Department of Premier and CabinetStargazer Client: AGL EnergyStargazer Digital Client: City of Melbourne Local CouncilStargazer Client: Football Federation VictoriaClient: Victoria Police Blue Ribbon FoundationClient: Wesley College
Client: Swinburne University of TechnologyClient: La Trobe UniversityClient: Westfield FFA Cup Soccer CompetitionClient: South Melbourne Football ClubClient: First National Real EstateClient: Victoria University

We’re lucky to have had the opportunity to share our digital marketing, web design and development, graphic design and social media expertise with some iconic organisations during our corporate careers.

Your digital creative team - as a subscription.

A digital agency based in Melbourne Australia - we can be your entire creative production crew, or simple overflow support for your existing marketing team. You decide.

Sign up to one of our straightforward subscription plans and request as many jobs as you need...

One job at a time, we'll work our magic on your prioritised list: add / move / remove tasks as desired!

We'll have something for you in 2-3 business days* and will make revisions as needed, til you're 100% happy.

Then, simply sign off that particular job and we go back to the list and through the process again!

BRILLIANT BASICS  /  digital agency melbourne

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

The team at Stargazer Digital have identified all the essential ingredients that go into a successful digital presence – we call them brilliant basics; great branding and visuals, consistent and engaging content, eye-catching calls-to-action and of course clean, optimised, accessible website design and development, using a number of leading content management systems.

We do not over-engineer our solutions to implement the latest digital fad.

We design, develop and maintain this stuff
(and more).


Social Media Graphics


Logos & Branding

Google Business Profile

Business Cards

Website Maintenance


Social Media Video


Email Newsletters

Landing Pages

Content Development

Shopify Development

Digital Ads

Pull Up Banners

Social Media Management

Promotional Clothing

Brilliantly basic pricing with no nasty surprises.

For small business and overflow support


For those in need of ongoing design and some content services, including social media management, web content management and graphics.

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Unlimited job requests

Unlimited revisions

Unlimited brands

Unlimited stock photos

Custom management portal

$1,995 / month

Pause as needed or cancel any time.

For eCommerce business


For those in need of design, content and copywriting, and frontend development and maintenance of Shopify or Webflow ecommerce stores.

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All Countdown Plan features

Shopify website builds using Liquid

Ongoing Shopify or Webflow maintenance

Copywriting services

Ongoing support

$3,495 / month

Pause as needed or cancel any time.

For large corporates and enterprise business

Space Force 😎

The Stargazer team has decades of enterprise digital experience, including in high-end content management systems such as Adobe Experience Manager, Squiz Matrix, Sitecore and Magento; and  expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite. Chat to us about your needs and we'll see what we can do.

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Request unlimited jobs from our digital experts for one low monthly fee.
UNLIMITED JOBS  /  digital marketing agency

Unlimited work requests

Put together a list of all the tasks you'd like us to do... there are no limits on how many items you request!

You can prioritise these tasks simply by dragging items up or down the list, and flagging those that might need a bit more attention

We'll get the team to churn through and tick them off as we go!

Got some questions?
We've got answers.

Why Stargazer Digital, not any other digital agency, hire or freelancer?

Welcome to creative digital talent as a subscription.

Our team members have a minimum of 10-15 years of high level corporate and consulting experience... and hiring just one of us as a permanent employee will cost your business six figures a year.

With the Stargazer Digital subscription model, you're able to tap into the expertise of multiple digital specialists, for around a fifth of the cost of employing one of us full time. Use us as your primary digital marketing and design team, or as overflow when things get a bit nuts - it's way (WAYYY) cheaper than hiring a traditional digital agency, and we have the (*ahem* award winning) experience behind us to produce best practice work.

As for freelancers... do you have the time (patience? 😅) to try and find a reliable one that is able to understand your needs and deliver at a high level? 🤷

Who are you folks?

Hi... I'm Cindy. I'm a Digital Production Specialist, and the owner of Stargazer Digital (find out a little more about me here).

The STRGZR team is made up of a group of current and former colleagues - those people who I loved working with (and in some cases, still do!) and are seriously good at their jobs. While I'm the constant, they come and go on a project-by-project basis... depending on what skills we require to hit your work requests out of the park.

This allows us to increase - or decrease - our team size as needed, which is a cost-effective way of helping you manage your digital budget; you're not paying for skilled staff that you don't need at that point in time - we literally live "everything you need, nothing you don't".

Where are you based?

With the exception of one of our superstar developers, we're all born and bred in Australia's most livable city - Melbourne (we don't actually care about the real rankings... we wouldn't be anywhere else!). Our dev lives here in Melbs too, but he was born in Indonesia.

We don't outsource to any offshore workers, and the way we've structured our digital agency team gives us surge capability if we need it... and a way to scale back the other way if we don't.

Unlimited projects... really?

Yup! You can have as many jobs as you like in your queue. We'll only work on one at a time, and once that's signed off and delivered, you can let us know what you need us to work on next. Something urgent lands? We'll de-prioritise the job we're working on and it'll move back into your backlog while we focus on the pressing need.

You'll be able to add, remove and prioritise jobs as you wish, as we manage this process through your very own Trello board, which we'll set up and show you how to use for the best results. You'll be able to add attachments and comments within each job card, so there's a central reference point for all task-related communications.

How fast will I receive my requested work?*

On average, we'll have something for you to look at within two to three business days, and look to finalise each job within a week.

* As you'd expect, more complex jobs may take longer to turn around - we'll keep you in the loop.

What if I don't like the design?

No dramas! We'll make as many revisions as you like until you're happy.

What if I only want one thing?

Let us know! We can provide quotes for any individual web design and development, graphic design and social media marketing jobs.

How many clients do you take on at one time?

We limit the number of clients we work with - you can count the number on the fingers of your hands! - to ensure that everybody receives high quality outcomes for the work they request.

Simply fill out the 'Work with STRGZR' expression of interest form - give us a bit of info about you and the type of jobs you're interested in, and we'll see if we have a place available (there are a limited number of spots per package).

If we're at capacity, we will implement a waitlist and contact the next name on it when a place opens up ⏳

Am I locked into a contract?

Nope. Not anything that locks you into a particular length of time that we require you to stick around, or anything like that. 💁

We do have a Service Agreement that we ask you to sign that governs the way we work together and sets some guidelines to help manage expectations on both sides... but no serious legal-speak, we promise.

You'll find this (and more!) in your very own personalised portal - we set one up for you when we join forces as a central admin point.

Anything else I should know?

Yeah - a few things (and we'll cover this in our EOI call)...

Firstly, most of us hold a corporate job and do this work around it (cost of living, inflation, increasingly hideous mortgages yada yada)... so we're not always available to chat at the drop of a hat. We have a kick-butt system in place that alerts us when you leave a note, so we'll see it pretty much straight away and will get back to you as soon as we can.

That feeds into our no meetings - or "this meeting could have been an email" - policy. 🙅 We sit through more meetings than we need to in the office... so, other than our initial "are we right for you?" and our kick-off sesh, we don't do meetings here (unless there's an epic issue that we need to resolve). We prefer to have our communications in writing, so there's a 'paper' trail of what's being requested/delivered, and any revisions to that. We provide you with your very own portal as a central communications point, which includes your job request tracking board, so we're all able to access messages and files and other important bits and pieces.

As we said right up the top of the page... it's a different way of working (but it works!). Depending on where you're located we're also happy (with plenty of notice) to come and see you in person, on weekends or after business hours, if you have a suitable subscription and have requested jobs that need photography or videography for example. We'll even bring the coffee! ☕️ Not in Melbs? We'll make the trek (but you'll have to be willing to cover expenses).

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What they say about Stargazer...

Members of the Stargazer team work hard to receive lovely feedback about their digital marketing and design skills - and the odd award! It's nice to be recognised.

Congratulations on winning the Vice Chancellor's Award for Service Excellence for your fantastic work. The impact this had on the lives of our students was profound and the care with which everyone went about everything was exemplary.

Andrew S

Swinburne university

Always great to work with - super fast and are able to make agile changes. Always helpful whenever I have questions or need some advice on any digi related projects.

Sumita M

AGL Energy

Shout out to Cindy for being incredibly helpful and explaining tech concepts in plain English - she went above and beyond in giving me an outline of the process we were going through.

Thiru N.

AGL Energy

The team at Stargazer organised my marketing when I nominated as a local council candidate. Their website and brochures were the most professional of all, and while we just missed out on preferences, I'd recommend the team's digital marketing and design expertise without hesitation.

Jim M


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