We're jacks of all trades -
and the master of some.

words to live by

At Stargazer, we do what we say.

We don’t believe in recreating the wheel to show off our skills, or suggesting fancy solutions that look great but don’t perform to achieve your business goals, or meet your audience’s needs.

What we do:
Make – and break! – things
Talk straight
Value relationships
Show respect
Expect creativity and innovation
Stay up-to-date with our industry
Hustle and high-five
… laugh at ourselves!
What we don't do:
Impossible deadlines
Have a sales team
Confusing jargon
Work for free
Compromise our values
Outsource work offshore
Get offended when challenged
… resist cake! Or dumplings.

Did we mention that we're a local Aussie team that does all this stuff...

Web Design & Development

We're focused on bridging the gap between the web and your business - whether you’re local or a multinational company. The first impression that users get about you from your website is everything. If you don’t inspire confidence in your business in seconds, your potential clients will stay that… potential. Our job is simple – capture your user’s attention and direct them to take action quickly.

The team at Stargazer Digital love a good web project – we’re a bit addicted to our Post-It notes and the ability to put our creative and technical skills to good use at the one time. From entire site builds, from the ground up, to specially targeted landing pages and campaign microsites, we’ve been there and done all that.

We use a tried and tested 5-step methodology that can be expanded or shortened, depending on the complexity of your web design and development request.  At a basic level, it goes something like this:

Our team gets to know your business goals and learns about your ideal customer. We’ll go away with your brief and conduct some research into your market, and develop some initial ideas based on our discussions and put together some style inspiration for you to consider.
User Experience (UX) Design
With your feedback on our Discovery tasks, we’ll develop a structure based on the journey you want your customers to take when they interact with your website.We’ll mock up a wireframe of what we think key pages of your site could look like, and if needed, kick our wordsmiths into gear to complete your copywriting – keeping important things like accessibility and search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.
Website Design
Here’s where things start to get colourful (literally!). We’ll work together to develop a moodboard and use that as inspiration for some visual design concepts. We understand the importance of brand recognition and it makes sense that your website should be synonymous with your business branding. We create fully customised designs to suit your requirements while keeping the latest design aesthetics and standards in mind. Our designers are involved throughout the process to ensure your vision carries through to the final result. Once the board is good to go, we use that to develop a style guide that… guides…
Web Development
You may have a platform or content management system in mind for your job, or we’re happy to suggest what we think will be the most relevant one based on your requirements – the majority of our work (outside of enterprise/corporate environments) is with Webflow, WordPress and Shopify. This part of the project is where we get our tech on, and build both desktop and responsive (for mobiles and tablets) versions of the designs we agreed on not that long ago… and test, test, test before we do a big reveal.
The Final Countdown
(Cue the obvious soundtrack…). It’s time to put on the finishing touches (setting up analytics, for example) and present our handiwork to the world. Launch party? We’ll bring cake!

Website Maintenance

Already have a website out in the wild that needs some love? Too busy to upload this week’s newsletter, photos from your sales day or Aunty Maria’s foolproof chocolate cake recipe?

In today's economic climate, many businesses might not find it possible to add a qualified web administrator to their staff to look after their website and make regular changes to it – so, we got you, boo. Engage the Stargazer crew to be your very own web team!

Send through updates, and we’ll optimise them and publish them to your adoring customers to keep your website looking fresh for them and the search engines. The continued maintenance of your website is vital for its success - it's all part of protecting your investment. 

Brand & Graphic Design

The Stargazer design team enjoy creating unique brand identities and refreshing existing branding for all types and sizes of businesses. We work hard to make you stand out against your competitors and help your brand connect with your audience across both print and digital media. Our designers create a memorable brand image and presence with striking marketing collateral to ensure your business delivers a captivating message to your target audience.

We approach every business branding opportunity with fresh eyes, to ensure we deliver a result that you will love, but also one we will be proud of and creates a lasting impressions with your customers. Branding and graphic design jobs can include logos, business cards, with comps slips, letterhead, envelope and email signature designs, packaging, brochures, social media content, flyers, signage, and everything in between.

Social Media Marketing & Mangement

Stargazer can help you decide which social channels are right for your business (pro tip: you don’t have to be on all of them!), brand them up to match your marketing campaigns for continuity, and provide advice on the types of content to post… and how to manage both the good and the bad things (#cancelculture) that might happen in the online world.

Overflow Support

Already have someone (or a number of someones) looking after all of the above… and still can’t find the time to get everything done? The struggle is real! Hit us up as overflow support to help lighten the load - we’ll work as an extension of your in-house team when there’s a capacity crunch.

... and all of this too?

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